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Quintessence Alpaca Farm

Quintessence Alpaca Farm

We visited the Quintessence Alpaca Farm about an hour outside of Santiago Chile. This is the largest alpaca farm in Chile with about 1600 animals. They segregate the animals in groups, pregnant alpaca, juvenile alpaca, newborn with their mothers, etc. They are very friendly and so cute.



At this farm they shear the wool from the alpaca and process this wool into different types of garments and accessories and sell these items right at the farm. We learned that baby alpaca, which is normally more expensive, is not necessarily from a baby, but is they way that the wool is described by fineness of the wool. The finer the wool the better and they call this baby alpaca.

They let the different groups of alpaca to play and stretch their legs in large fenced yards many times during the day. They also have a field in the back of the workshop where the alpaca can roam, but at the time of our visit there was a herd of alpaca that was being kept back there for shipment to other countries and these alpaca had to be quarantined from the other animals until they shipped. We had a great time with the alpacas and Elizabeth had a great time in the store.


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