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Maipo Canyon

Maipo Canyon

Today we took a trip through the Maipo Canyon. This canyon is very picturesque with rivers flowing through the Andes Mountains. On the way, we stopped to take some pictures of the raging river and we found an abandoned train tunnel where we took some amazing pictures.  

The main focus of this trip was to reach Banos Colinas, a hot spring fed from the mountains. Here we took a dip in a couple of the pools supplied with the hot water. The first pool that we entered was very hot so we moved a little lower down the mountain to a more comfortable pool that wasn’t quite as hot.

While we were enjoying this luxurious experience we saw many Andean condors flying around the mountains. The condor is the largest flying land bird in the Western Hemisphere. 

On the way back to Santiago, our guide Jorge, took us to a wonderful little restaurant that served very tasty Chilean empanadas and some beer brewed by a German living in Chile. What a day!

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