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Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica-Cruise Day 4

Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica-Cruise Day 4

Today the ship was at sea the entire day. The trip was a little rough and we both got a little sick, so most of our day was in our cabin. We did try to eat some lunch, but it didn’t set too well.

We were feeling better by dinner time and tonight we had reservations at the Candles Steakhouse. The ship turns the Veranda restaurant, where breakfast and lunch are served, into the steakhouse for dinner. Each guest is entitled to a dinner at this steakhouse at no additional charge. I ordered a New York Strip steak and Elizabeth had the Sea Bass and Filet Mignon combination. The New York Strip was stringy and wasn’t good. Elizabeth said the fish was excellent, but the steak was just so-so. We should have foregone this restaurant and just eaten in Amphora, the normal dinner restaurant.

I understand from some other guests that in Amphora the special meal was lobster. Oh well, live and learn. Next time we will not go to Candles. I didn’t feel like going to the New Year’s Party, so I went to bed. Elizabeth went for a short time to take some pictures. .

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