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Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica

Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica

We got up and went to the Westin Club lounge on the 19th floor. They had a free breakfast of various pastries, fruits, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cereal and coffee. They used a coffee machine and it broke a couple of times while we were at breakfast. I wish they just had a pot of regular coffee. Other than the coffee issues, the food was good. This lounge had a wonderful view of the ocean. You could see all of the ships waiting their turn to enter the Panama Canal. After breakfast we decided to look around the hotel and take some pictures. This hotel is enormous and quite beautiful. 


There are several restaurants and bars located in the hotel. We ventured outside to view the beach and the pools. The pools were very inviting. I counted three pools and there seemed to be sufficient lounge chairs and there were bars where you could get a drink, it is very humid in Panama and those drinks are almost a necessity. The beach was not so good. The tide was out, and the beach looked like a bunch of mud and rock, not too appealing. 

Later in the afternoon we decided on an ice cream at the little shop next to the Stargrill restaurant. The ice cream was just ok, but the girl behind the counter seemed confused when we wanted to charge to our room. She left to go get our check and was gone for quite a while. There was another customer that was waiting in line after us and he decided not to wait any longer and went behind the counter and got his own ice cream cone and left. Later on, while eating our ice cream, there were some other people come in to get ice cream and the girl game then their cones and they left. She didn’t even ask them to pay. Oh well. 

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