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Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica-Cruise Day 5

Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica-Cruise Day 5

Happy New Year! Feeling much better this morning. We anchored overnight at Isla Parida in the Gulf of Chiriqui. On this island, Windstar rents out the beach whenever one of their ship’s anchors here. Windstar sets up lounge chairs and water toys on the beach for the guests to enjoy all day. Again, you need to take a Zodiac to shore, but this time there is no dock, so you need to be prepared for a wet landing. You will need to wear water shoes and swimming attire for this trip. We also brought watertight bags to make sure our cameras and phones were safe.

The beach was beautiful, and the water was very inviting. We relaxed and swam a little before a BBQ lunch on the beach. The ship’s crew prepared hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, salads, fruits and much more for our enjoyment. The food was, as always, good and after indulging ourselves we headed back to the ship.

We headed down to Amphora for dinner at 7:00. The Maître’D, Hubert, is quite a character and makes the dining experience extremely enjoyable and fun. Elizabeth takes her hand-held fan with her every place that we go, and Hubert really enjoys this fan and makes a point of teasing and joking with her at every opportunity. When he walks by our table during the night, he even grabs her fan when he walks by our table to cool himself off. Tonight, when we arrived, I told Hubert that Elizabeth was very disappointed that he hasn’t escorted her to our table like he does with other women. The reason is that we arrive when the restaurant first opens and there is normally a line so he can’t escort anyone as he needs to try to get everyone seated. After the restaurant settled down a bit, Hubert came to our table and promenaded Elizabeth on his arm through the entire restaurant. He is so entertaining.

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