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Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica-Cruise Day 7

Windstar Cruise-Panama & Costa Rica-Cruise Day 7

Today was the day that we looked forward to the most.  We were in Quepos Costa Rica and the Manuel Antonio National Park.  This was our chance to see animals in nature.  We hired a private guide, Mauro Juarez to take us around this National Park.  He had this incredible telescope kind of contraption that you could zero in on the animals and even take pictures through his scope with your cellphone.  The hiking trail led us to one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica that can only be accessed through the Manuel Antonio National Park.

I was really interested in spotting a sloth. Mauro spotted one at the top of a tree before we even entered the park.  In fact, Mauro spotted both the two toed and three toed sloth while we hiked through the park.  There were also many monkeys and other animals roaming through this park.  Mauro was a great guide and he had this knack of spotting these animals that I would have never seen without him.  He was also a lot less expensive than if we had taken the tour through ship.

Back on the boat, Windstar had a special treat for the passengers.  They had a delicious BBQ on the deck of the ship.  Besides the usual salads, fruits, vegetables and breads they had paella, grilled mahi mahi. BBQ chicken, flank steak and the most delectable roast suckling pig.  I believe that this was the most delicious meal of the cruise and there were a lot of delicious meals.  The picture shows the leftover roast suckling pig.  Even though we were stuffed, we still had a tiny bit of room for one of the chef’s incredible desserts.

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